Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dead Men Don't Rise

The Argument from Theistic Evolution Logic (Recently Evolved)
Based on discussions with Theistic Evolutionists and other Christians who accept the Big Bang and millions of years and reinterpret Genesis accordingly, I have concluded that we must bow the knee to science whenever science and the Bible are in conflict. To do otherwise is to make us look like fools in the eyes of the world. The Big Bang, Billions of years, and evolution are scientific facts, therefore Genesis cannot be taken literally.
However, our reinterpreting of the Bible must not stop at these issues – we must also apply scientific facts to the truth about Jesus.  The vast majority of scientists do not believe that dead men rise, and the vast majority of scientists also believe that virgins don't conceive. These are scientific impossibilities. Therefore, the New Testament also cannot be taken literally based on the revelation of scientific facts.
These scientists are highly qualified and base their thinking on countless peer-reviewed studies in top scientific journals. Although there are some minor assumptions with these conclusions they have been vigorously tested scientifically and therefore the chances of them being wrong are so small as to be negligible. Therefore, in this modern age of science we must reject the outdated doctrine of the literal resurrection and virgin birth. These passages must be reinterpreted as being symbolic.

One supporting Bible verse showing the validity of my symbolic interpretation of the resurrection is where Jesus said on the cross – “it is finished” (John 19:30).  This proves that he did not rise after this happened as his mission was already completed.
Those who would argue that we know that Jesus lived because history testifies to it are mistaken. Science is much more reliable than historical reports in the distant past, especially when based on documents written 2000 years ago using accommodating language to poorly educated peasants.  And science tells us that dead men don’t rise and virginal conceptions don’t happen.
Anyone who disagrees with this modern and universally accepted scientific view is a science hater and denying science. More than this, they are bigoted and blinded by biblical literalism. They are fundamentalists and dangerous fools who have no intelligence. Anyone with half a brain knows the scientific fact – dead men don’t rise.
This shackling literalism that takes the resurrection of Jesus literally is doing great damage to the Christian cause. It is putting people off our religion by making them think we are out of touch with the world as it really is in this day and age. We must abandon this kind of narrow-mindedness and accept the irrefutable facts of science – dead men don’t rise.
In the time of Jesus people thought the earth was flat. The Bible is not meant to be a scientific textbook. It is teaching symbolic and poetic truth – the truth that Jesus was a great person. But he did not rise. Any verses that talk about Jesus rising are obviously symbolic because science has shown that miracles like resurrections never happen.
Any distinctions between historical science and operational science are to be ignored as being imaginary distinctions. As is any suggestion that atheistic scientists could be biased against the possibilities of miracles.
It’s not just the fact that most scientists believe that dead men don’t rise but the fact that most people in the world these days don’t believe in resurrections. How could the majority of scientists and people be wrong?
Furthermore, it is very important for Christians to realise that the resurrection of Jesus is not a foundational issue. It is just a side issue that has little importance. It’s a fact – the debate is over – dead men don’t rise. 

- Brendan

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