Tuesday, October 15, 2013

46 Million Year Old Blood?


Here's the logic (illogic) with the mosquito story:

1. We've found a fossil mosquito with what seems like blood inside it.
2. We know that the paradigm of millions of years in the fossil record is true, therefore we know that the fossil is 46 million years old (not stated in the article but probably based on an assigned age from where it was found in the fossil record, or possibly from radiometric dating).
3. Based on observational science we know that blood degrades and can't last for millions of years.
4. We know that millions of years is true.
5. Therefore - Wow - blood can survive for 46 million years - there must be some unknown mechanism at work to preserve it - we have no idea how this could be at present - but give us time and we'll find it.

In step 5 a "rescuing device" is invoked to protect the atheist "millions of years" worldview from collapsing.
Step 2 is an unproven assumption, therefore the whole chain of reasoning is illogical.
Step 2 and 4 involve circular reasoning and are basically saying the same thing.

They are both based on arbitrary and ad hoc origins science theory. Likewise, radiometric dating is fundamentally and fatally flawed and based on unprovable assumptions.

From a biblical point of view this is another great example of evidence that fossils are only thousands of years old and not millions of years old. It was most likely buried and fossilised during the global Flood.

This story is similar to the Dino blood story. http://creation.com/schweitzers-dangerous-discovery

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