Tuesday, November 5, 2013

John Walton - Dangerous Teaching


On July 17th this year (2013) Laidlaw College in Auckland hosted Dr Walton to speak on Genesis.


The above CMI creation.com article explains clearly why this teaching is so dangerous. It was a great disappointment to me that this event was held at Laidlaw and also that a significant number of churches throughout Auckland promoted the event.

Sye Ten Bruggencate in a debate with Paul Baird said the following:

Christians believe things that don’t make sense logically for example the miracles in the Bible such as the virgin birth etc. What would you say is the ultimate authority of the Christian – their own  reasoning, or the God of Scripture? As Christians are we the judge of Scripture, or is God’s Word the judge over us? Wouldn’t it make more sense to say that as Christians God should be the authority of our reasoning?

I've included this here because it gets to the heart of the matter in the whole creation vs evolution debate. As Christians the Bible is to be our ultimate authority, not the fallible words of men, and not our own reasoning independent of God. God calls every Christian to base all of their thinking in every area on the Scriptures and to 'lean not on our own understanding'.

Here's another question to think about: If the Bible clearly said evolution and deep time were not true, would you reject them, or would you doubt the Word of God? (Of course evolution is a modern word so it would be impossible to find the word evolution in the Bible, and when one looks at the Bible carefully it becomes clear that evolution and deep time are not biblical ideas.)

Could Dr Walton and scientists promoting evolution be wrong? Yes, they could. And according to the Word of God they are wrong because God cannot lie. Could I be wrong about that? No - because I base my thinking on this matter on the Word of God.

For further reading as to why evolution and deep time are such dangerous ideas see here:

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